We are officially moving UP. We have partnered with UPPAREL to close the “disposable” loop and make it possible for you to send your shoes back for reuse and recycling!

UPPAREL is Australia's and New Zealand’s leading textile recycling company. Through Innovative approaches to textile recycling and recovery, UPPAREL increases the lifespan of all unwanted textiles. So cool!

So far UPPAREL has saved over 2.5 million items of clothing, linen and shoes, successfully converting them into recycled products. We want you to take part of the circular economy and help eradicate textile waste, not only for our community but also for the next generation. 

Plus, we’re rewarding you for doing so. The first time you do your part for the environment and recycle with UPPAREL, we will provide you with a $50 LMS Gift voucher in just three easy steps.


Purchase a $25 collection for the items you want to recycle. 


Pack the items into a box of your own, maximum weight 10kg. The amazing team at UPPAREL sort the items by hand, so please ensure to give your shoes a wipe-over before sending. 


Simply book your collection through the link in your confirmation email, print and attach the labels to your box(es) ready for collection. 

Shopping has never looked so good. 

Make a change and recycle with UPPAREL here: