We want our pieces to form a wardrobe staple that will last well beyond its first wear. Transcend seasons and transcend the test of time with our LMS Care Hacks.

The best way to keep your LMS pieces looking their best is with a little bit of TLC – tender loving cleaning. A simple yet effective step to increase the longevity of your shoes. Brush shoes with a slightly damp cloth from time to time.  When you are not stepping out in statement, make sure you always store your piece in the dust bag provided to ensure the shoes are out of direct sunlight.

 Just like your skin, leather can sometimes become dry, and it is important to keep the leather moisturised, especially if you are showing off your shoes in the warmer months. We recommend applying a thin layer of neutral shoe nourishing cream to a slightly damp cloth or a polishing brush and gently buff the product into the leather. Allow them to dry and apply a waterproofing spray for extra shine and protection.

Should your shoes become wet, we have the perfect hack that will save you so much time and energy– literally! Never use a hairdryer or heater to dry your shoes or leave your shoes in direct sunlight as this may damage the shoes. Instead, let the shoes dry by themselves. To speed up the drying process, lay your shoes horizontally so the leather outsole can also dry. If you find that your shoes are damp on the inside, we also suggest packing the inside of the shoes with newspaper as this will absorb the water. 

Our shoes are made for walking and occasionally scratching can occur if not handled with care. If you find there are some stains or markings on your shoes, here are a few tips to help rejuvenate your shoes. For markings, use a clean rubber and gently buff the shoe to remove and reduce any visibly markings. For stains, mix water and a few drops of lemon together and apply over stain with a cloth or sponge. Once your shoes have dried, treat with a polish or spray.

Together let’s break down the 21st century mold of over consumption in the industry and focus on conscious collection. These simple care hacks will allow you to build a transcendent capsule wardrobe. Think of fashion for the future!