The 411: Nylon Is Now!

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Introducing LMS The Brand High Summer 

Summertime is all about bright colors, breezy fabrics and cheeky attitudes. This season, kick things up a notch with the highs of nylon in shoe fashion. Feminine style meets athleisure - think '2000s’ vibes meets today's trends - for a look that will totally turn heads. Whether it’s bold accents or subtle details that draw your eye, you can show off your daring side without any hassle with LMS heels and bags in Nylon. 

Introducing LMS High Summer. Inspired by pop princesses & heiresses of the era, LMS The Brand officially brings you the Nylon 411. The collection features a platform thong & a handbag for that iconic matching shoes and handbags moment. Available in a mix of sorbets and neon hues, Nylon High Summer is designed for comfort and versatility so you can go from the beach to the mall all summer long. Now that’s hot!

LMS Shoes - LMS High Summer

Some may say LMS The Brand Nylon shoes and handbags are the iconic duo of our generation, but let’s look back at the Simple Life of the eponymous pair who put trendsetting on the map. 

Amidst the era of tech gadgets and boy bands and chic low-rise jeans were two Hollywood royalty besties, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, who earned their fashion Stripes in the epicenter of Y2K style. Sporting velour Juicy Couture tracksuits, Von Dutch trucker hats, bright coloured sandals, sparkly small handbags and of course nylon dished out nostalgia- inducing Y2K looks that are now being rivaled in the current fashion zeitgeist. 

Setting the style bar at extreme heights, Paris and Nicole were always ahead of the trends. With them, anti-fashion became fashionable. Think back to the reign of MTV, where the Simple Life was far more than just reality watching but a sartorial guidance of street style chic. Chunky butterfly clips, platform heels,  micro sunglasses, chunky heels - all staples in these two trendsetters’ wardrobe. From high glam to casual pool parties, they always seemed one step ahead when selecting outfits that would launch them into style stardom. So if you want to emulate this chic cool look, read on for the 411 of Y2k dressing with LMS shoes

lms the brand nylon shoes and handbags


As the name suggests, The Paris is the IT girl shoe of the season and will take you from beach to bar all Summer long. Designed for comfort made to stand out, the chunky thong features soft Nylon padding detailed with a well-defined platform that will give you a leg up this season. The chunky platform heels are Vegan friendly and made from 50% recycled Nylon. The Paris is practical yet stylish and Available in an array of sweet sorberts and neon hues. These colourful heels are perfect for any occasion. Pair with your favourite bright summer sarong or cocktail dress and you will be sure to turn heads all day and night long. 

LMS shoes - the nicole - nylon shoes


We’ve all watched trends come and go in the fashion world, but if there’s one thing that has survived since its conception in the mid-20th century, it’s Nylon handbags. Lightweight, versatile and bright in design, The Nicole is the stand out small handbag of the season. Bold and perfectly compact, The Nicole fits all of your party essentials – phone, fav lipstick and keys with no dramas. Vegan friendly and made from 50% recycled Nylon, the bag features a metal zip and is lined with our iconic signature red canvas. Style on its own or pair with your favourite LMS shoes for the ultimate BFF duo moment.

LMS the brand - chunky heels

Who knew that decades-old Y2K trends could make such a powerful comeback? Let’s thank the power of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie—they've fast-tracked these nylon throwbacks from "Old School" to High Fashion. We could just chalk it up to the cyclical nature of fashion or their influence on modern culture, yet it seems more likely that Y2K fashion is here to stay. 

The urban-bright and bold style has evolved into something both stylish and comfortable, but keeping with its daring edge. From bubble-gum pink phone cases to ultra-modern chunky heels with edgy designs, there are plenty of ways that LMS The Brand customers can inject some nylon nostalgia into their wardrobe. Put on a pair of The Paris’ and grab your Nicole handbag – Y2k style is officially revived! What are you waiting for?

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